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Santa’s workshop has been in full gear… from making desks to rustic trash can cabinets, I been expanding my skills and portfolio… 

My sons and I hung lights, candy canes, and put out the peanut gang…

I have a platform bed I am working on and a rustic glass panel door for a picture frame from scratch will be in the near future…

I want to thank everyone that I have been able to help and hope you have a merry Christmas….

Custom tshirts

I am trying to find a passive way to make extra income to:

First, pay off some bills

Theb save for a homestead with acreage…

It’s hard getting into an online business without being able to spend much on advertising…. I joined niche groups but someone flagged me for being spam… well I only have a few days left before that’s lifted… I hope that punk doesn’t do it again…

But anyways, I have created a few different shirts that I am attaching the link to my online store… also started an etsy business for my wood working side, Freedom Woodcrafter.
Hope you enjoy and share the links.
Thank you.

Are You Safe”

Are you safe? Do you live somewhere where life is not in a constant peril? Or are gunshots heard in the distance, or even outside your front door? Does mother nature ravage your area? You may see one or more of these elements of your surrounding. Are you safe?

If you do not feel 100% safe, then you are not alone. 63% of Americans feel less safe after the Paris bombings, which is higher than they did after 9/11. With the major disasters that have happened in recent years, Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, forecasting Irma, and the future Hurricane Lee, some people are wondering what is the next disaster. Will it be the disaster of all disasters, the Apocalypse?

Harvey is projected to cost $140-180 billion. Katrina roughly topped out about $100 billion. The massive devastation of Katrina is small compared to regional crippling that Harvey had. It stretched from Central Texas near Austin, going south to Corpus Christi and went east as far as Baton Rouge and spread northward, dumping rain through the middle of the country. 33 trillion gallons of water was poured out of Harvey.  Only 250 billion gallons of water were pumped out of New Orleans during Katrina. That is 132 times more water than New Orleans received on breached levees and the 10 inches of rain.

Wildfires are threats to my area. In the last 6 years, we have had 2011 Complex Fire (34,500 acres), 2015 Hidden Pines Fire (4400 acres) and 2017 Royal Pines Fire (25 acres). These fires have crippled the natural beauty of the landscape around our area. More than 1700 structures have burned because of these fires, where 1675 homes and structures burned in 2011.

We also have had floods in the area. Halloween 2015 and Memorial Day Floods of 2015 and 2016. Many people were displaced and some homes were destroyed. More than 100 homes were bought out in a neighboring city. Flooding was so bad in our county that schools were delayed because bus drivers could not see how much water crossed the rural roads, and school officials had to assess any damages done to the district’s buildings.

If you live in a place that you do not see these events, then you’re lucky. Take my advice, always be cautious of being complacent. Something always happens; it may not be today, this month, or this year, but regardless, you need to prepare for a natural disaster.