Established date 2/2017.

Welcome. Thank you for taking time to view my blog. Please take a moment to follow the blog by email (if you don’t have a wordpress account) on the right task bar. You can view my posts by the categories listed on the right as well.

This blog is a collaboration of information to help individuals like me that want to provide their families with alternative methods of sustainability without having to be dependent on normal commerce.

I will visit skills I have learned and self taught in carpentry, shelters, gardening,  first aid, survival skills, protection, and food storage. I will also talk about how to scavenge for supplies and materials when it will be valuable to do so.

Understanding what you need is very difficult and acquiring those needs is even harder. I am 37 years old, and I am still trying to learn what is needed. Acquiring skills is all about messing up. You won’t learn unless you try. You cannot succeed if you don’t try. There are times, sometimes many times, that you will fail. Each failure should teach you something for the next time, so you may succeed.

If you can prepare to live simpler lives at home, live modestly without all the most expensive new gadgets (I was a victim in my earlier years), and keep learning homesteading methods, the money you will save can provide the adventures you seek.

If we are like minded, please follow my blog. I will be updating the blog multiple times a week.

Thank you.


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