Healthy… Mind and Body

runners-635906_960_720We all work… most of us work 1 job… some work 2 or 3… but where is the profit going?

I have multiple levels…. i teach, with coaching and tutoring, I run a woodworking business out of my garage… but recently started another avenue with an awesome future…

I am overweight and 38 years old. When you hit your 30’s, your body doesnt allow you to lose weight like you were able in your teens and early 20’s…. I went 40 days when i was 26 and lost 20 lbs… only thing I did was switch from sodas to sweet tea… seriously… nothing else.. ate out everyday… but went to sweet tea… most of the time was with sweet and low…

Now, I have worked out, joint pain… before this school year, i traveled 130 miles a day to teach for 2 years… I worked nights and Saturdays… Your body is not built to do that… I switched jobs to a closer school, but I still dont have time as much for working out because if I am not at work, I am woodworking, playing with the boys, or sleeping.

I want to be healthy… So I will start with step one… what I actually put in. I wont always be able to eat fresh foods, but with a supplement that balances your hormones and pH level, will put me on the right path…  I also want something that is NATURAL… not synthetic…

You want more info, Message me here…

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or email me…

Go. Be healthy. Live your life and enjoy your freedom.

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