Hurricane Harvey

It has been awhile since I posted…

The largest and most expensive natural disaster in the United States. Many people blame Mayor Turner for not evacuating Houston. how can you evacuate 2-4 million people?

YOU CAN’T!!!! There is not enough highways to get that many people out of Houston. Many people got out, while others were high enough to weather the storm.

The storm did something that no one storm has done before, stalled out over a city or region as long as it did. No one Could have ever predicted the magnitude of what this storm produced. The forecasters predicted some of the characteristics of the storm where it would stall the first time backtrack some and then go… predicted a second landfall… and then 30″+ of rain…

No one predicted 51.88″ of rain was possible… the cold front, high pressures created the perfect storm…

Where I live in Texas, a week prior, we had a wildfire (small 35 acre), decimated by wildfires in the last 6 years, drought conditions, floods on Memorial Day the previous 2 years…  at my house, I measured 20″ of rain. I live close to the Colorado river and parts of my neighborhood were flooded. Downstream recorded 54′ ft, third or fourth highest river level in recorded history. The town of smithville and la grange saw the the brunt of the river’s force.

We used our neighborhood Facebook page in order to keep everyone updated, rain totals, flooded areas, and advice like not flushing or running water heavy appliances.

I went down to Houston this weekend. My wife’s grandparents had 4-5ft of water in their home. We ripped out the first floor, down to the studs. Most of the family that was able to be there was there. One of my good friends went with me to help. I am indebted to his generosity and strong back to travel down to help. That’s what makes Texas great.

Seeing what we endured, makes me think I am not as prepared as I should be. I will be studying what I need to do, and then prioritize the preparations and make sure we have an evacuation and shelter in place plans, depending on the need.

Let me know what you are doing for your preparations for these larger, unpredictable weather conditions.

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Go, live life, and enjoy your freedom.


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