Christmas Décor

The lighter side of being self-sufficient is I that build or create decorations for our yard, especially at Christmas time. Even in the time of chaos and uncertainty, you have to have something you enjoy. We always have people stop to view the scene, and at times, little ones want to take pictures with the characters. If I put the smile on people’s faces with my display, then it was all worth it. Also, the boys help as they can.


At Christmas time, I love to decorate the yard. I may not be Clark W. Griswold, but I do put out lights and characters. Picture above shows some of the yard art I did this year in various stages of completion. My boys painted the snowman. Of all the names, they named him Bill.

Bill, The Snowman, was completed this last year (2016) along with the pallet Christmas tree that was lit up. Schroeder, Lucy and Snoopy (Charlie Brown and Linus not shown) were completed years ago. These show the purity of Christmas. My boys, pictured with the art, loved going out and turning the lights on every night.

I scavenged all the material to make these happen. pallets made the snowman and the Christmas trees. Pallets have many uses and basis for most of my projects. I found the plywood for the Peanut gang in the middle of the road one night and threw it in the back of my truck. Most of the paint is from the ‘Oops’ paint section at the home improvement stores or paint that was left by the old owners of our home. We have a fraction of the cost in what I made than what you can buy in the store, and my stuff is way nicer than the things I see in store.

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